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OriginBaltimore, Maryland United States
GenresDeath metal, grindcore
Years active2003–2009, 2015–present
LabelsReptilian Records
MembersBlake Harrison
Mark Sloan
Waldo the Parrot

Hatebeak is an American death metal band, formed by Blake Harrison and Mark Sloan, featuring Waldo (b. 1991), a grey parrot. Hatebeak is reported to be the first band to have an avian vocalist.[1] They never tour so as to not torture the bird.[2] Hatebeak is signed to Reptilian Records. They released the album Number of the Beak on June 26, 2015, through Reptilian Records.[3]

The band's sound has been described as "a jackhammer being ground in a compactor".[4] Aquarius Records magazine called Hatebeak "furious and blasting death metal".[5] Hatebeak made its second record with Caninus, a band whose lead singers were two dogs.[5] Hatebeak's goal is to "raise the bar for extreme music".[5]

Band members[edit]

  • Waldo the Parrot (vocals)
  • Mark Sloan (guitar, bass)
  • Blake Harrison (drums)


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