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Hathor can refer to

  • Hathor, an ancient Egyptian goddess, also the patron goddess of miners
  • Month of Hathor, the third month of the Coptic calendar
  • Hathor Exploration Limited, is a junior uranium exploration company based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Hathor (wherry), a Norfolk pleasure wherry
  • 161 Athor, a Main Belt asteroid discovered by James Craig Watson on April 19, 1876.
  • 2340 Hathor, an asteroid discovered on October 22, 1976, by Charles T. Kowal.
  • Hathor (character), a Goa'uld System Lord in the science-fiction television series Stargate SG-1
  • Hathor (Stargate SG-1), a Stargate SG-1 episode.
  • Hathors, multi-dimensional beings described by psychotherapist Tom Kenyon and Virginia Essene in their 1996 book, "The Hathor Material."