Hats Off to the Insane

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Hats Off to the Insane
Compilation album by Therapy?
Released 7 September 1993
Recorded January 1993 at Black Barn Studios, Surrey, England (tracks 1-3); March 1993 at Livingstone Studios, London, England
Genre Rock
Length 16:18 (US)
22:29 (JAP)
Label A&M
Producer Chris Sheldon, Therapy?
Therapy? chronology
Born in a Crash
(1993)Born in a Crash1993
Hats Off to the Insane

Hats Off to the Insane is a US and Japanese compilation mini-album release by the band Therapy?. It was released on 7 September 1993 on A&M Records.

All tracks were previously released in Europe on different EPs. Tracks 1, 2 and 3 originally featured on the Shortsharpshock EP, tracks 4, 5, 7 and 8 originally featured on the Face The Strange EP, and track 6 originally featured on the Opal Mantra EP.[1]

The mini-album was released on CD and Cassette.

All tracks were included on disc 3 of the Troublegum Deluxe Edition released by Universal Music on 31 March 2014.[2]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Therapy?

No. Title Length
1. "Screamager" 2:41
2. "Auto Surgery" 2:21
3. "Totally Random Man" 2:23
4. "Turn" 3:52
5. "Speedball" 2:33
6. "Opal Mantra" 2:28
7. "Bloody Blue" (Japanese release only) 1:14
8. "Neck Freak" (Japanese release only) 4:57
Total length: 16:18/22:29


Promo Videos[edit]

  • "Screamager": Directed by Jon Klein
  • "Turn": Directed by Julie Hermelin
  • "Opal Mantra": Directed by Benjamin Stokes


  • "Screamager" was released in 1993 as a one track radio only promo in the US, the song reached number 16 on the Modern Rock Charts.