Haunted Shack

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Haunted Shack
Knott's Berry Farm
Status Removed
Opening date 1954 (1954)
Closing date 2000 (2000)
General statistics
Attraction type Walkthrough attraction

The Haunted Shack was an attraction at Knott's Berry Farm from 1954, until it was demolished in 2000.[1]

After a spiel concerning "strange goings on," and a demonstration in which two volunteers appeared to change height (in what was, in effect, an outdoor "Ames Room"), groups of guests were led on a tour of an odd shack in which the laws of physics seemed to be distorted, with chairs sticking to walls, and water seeming to flow uphill (all through the use of various perceptual illusions, combined with a surrounding hillside that completely isolated the shack from any outside frame of reference).

Following the tour, groups were given the "Haunted Shack Oath":

  • Guide: Repeat after me: I
  • Group: I
  • Guide: Got taken
  • Group: Got taken
  • Guide: That's the whole oath.