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Hawaii Youth Symphony is a statewide youth orchestra in Hawaii. Students come from many different Hawaiian islands and the orchestra consists of hundreds of students.[1][2][3] The Hawaii Youth Symphony has been training students since 1964 and is one of the largest and oldest youth symphonies in the country.[4]

Concert Orchestra Cellos and Basses


The Hawaii Youth Symphony, is Divided into four sections, the Hawaii Youth Symphony Academy, String Program, Symphony Program, and Summer Program.

The Academy consists of Music4Kids, a general music class held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Boy's & Girls Club. Students in this class are members of the Boy's & Girls Club and are seven to nine years old. The Boy's & Girl's Club Band is a beginning band class with members being 10 to 18 years old.

Summer String Program is a daily five-week session for beginners and intermediate players. For advanced and high school musicians, Pacific Music Institute (PMI) is a one-week program offered by the Symphony Program.

Program Group Average Years of Experience Required Audition Months of Rehearsal Day of Rehearsal Place of Rehearsal Total Hours of Rehearsal a Season Number of Concerts a season Average number of pieces a season
String Beginning String Ensemble


No Experience required No September–May Saturday Boy's & Girls Club 35 2 -
String Intermediate String Ensemble


1 No September–May Saturday Boy's & Girls Club 35 2 -
String Concert String Orchestra


2 Yes September–May Saturday Boy's & Girls Club 65 2 5
String String Orchestra Ensemble


2 Yes September–May Saturday Boy's & Girls Club 35 2 5
Symphony Concert Orchestra


2-4 Yes late August–April Sunday Kaimuki Middle School 96 6 8-10
Symphony Youth Symphony II


3-5 Yes late August–April Sunday University Laboratory School 110 7 10-14
Symphony Youth Symphony I


4+ Yes August–May Sunday University of Hawaii Music Department 130 8 25

All groups in the Symphony Program have rehearsals that consist of wind, percussion, and string sectionals and a full orchestra rehearsal. Groups in the Symphony program attend two half-day workshops a season which include professional instructions for each section, separate string and wind, brass, and percussion instructions and a full orchestra rehearsal.[1]

Conductors and Teachers[edit]

  • Henry Miyamura, Music Director & Conductor, YSI
  • Derrick Yamane, Conductor, YSII
    • Yamane received his Masters of secondary education and Bachelor of Music at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Yamane was formerly the Conductor of the Concert Orchestra for 11 years.
  • Elton Masaki, Associate Conductor, YSII
  • Susan, Ochi-Onishi, Conductor, CO
  • Hannah Watanabe, Associate Conductor, CO
  • Chad Uyehara, Conductor, CSO, SOE and Summer Strings
    • Uyehara is a graduate of Punahou School. Uyehara received his Masters of music in music education and Viola performance from Northwestern University and Bachelors of music in violin performance and Bachelors of arts in French from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Uyehara has been a member of the Las Vegas Philharmonic Orchestra, Desert Springs Chamber Orchestra, and the Honolulu Symphony as both a violinist and violaist. He has taught at Clark County School District, Nevada, Las Vegas Youth Philharmonic, and throughout the Hawaii Department of Education: Kalani High School, Kaimuki Middle School, and Moanalua Elementary. Presently, Uyehara is at Saint Andrew's Priory teaching orchestra.
  • Joan Doike, Conductor, BSE and ISE
    • Doike received her Bachelors of music from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Doike had previously conducted orchestras in the Hawaii Youth Symphony programs for 14 years. Doike also gives private lessons. While at Kaimuki Intermediate and Kalani High School, Doike was a violinist in the Hawaii Youth Symphony.


Students auditioning for Youth Symphony I must be 13 years old by January 1 and in high school. Students auditioning for Youth Symphony II must be 12 years old by January 1 and 8 grade. Students auditioning for Concert Orchestra must be 10 by January 1 and 6 grade. Students auditioning for Concert String Orchestra and String Orchestra Ensemble must be eight years old by August 1 and in the third grade. Students in Intermediate string Orchestra and Beginning String Orchestra do not have to audition but must be 8 years old by August first and in the third grade. Students in the Boys & Girls Club Band must be a member and are 10–18 years of age. Students in Music4Kids must be 7–9 years of age.[1]


During its 50th year anniversary the Hawaii Youth Symphony received the Na Hoku Hanohano Award for its “He Makana O Na Mele” concert album.[5]

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