Hawthorne High School (North Carolina)

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Hawthorne High School
Charlotte, North Carolina
Type Public
Established Mid-1900s (Hawthorne Junior High)
2006 (current school)
Principal Sheila Ijames
Enrollment Varies
Color(s) Red, White, and Black
Mascot Hawk
Information (980)343-6011

Hawthorne High School is a non-traditional high school located in Charlotte, North Carolina's Belmont community named for its location on Hawthorne Lane. The school has existed in many forms before its current guise, most notably serving as a Junior High school (Hawthorne itself was never a Middle School) for several years before closing temporarily, being annexed into nearby Piedmont Middle School, and finally its current form. Piedmont Middle School used Hawthrone's building while it was being remodeled for about two years.


Hawthorne's goal is to prevent students from dropping out of school. To do this Hawthorne offers an alternative to the traditional high school. Students complete course requirements at their own pace rather than a pre-determined pace.

In addition to this goal Hawthorne also serves as the home of Dolly Tate Teen-Age Parents Services (or TAPS), a dual enrollment program with Central Piedmont Community College, and a Saturday school program. and more.


Hawthorne has sporting facilities from its days as a Junior High. The school's teams were called the Wolfpack, and its colors were royal blue and gold. The school does not currently field teams in interscholastic athletics due to its unorthodox structure. In the past Hawthorne's rivals included the aforementioned Piedmont and Cochrane Middle School.

Currently Piedmont Middle School uses Hawthorne's baseball/softball field due them not having a field. It is maintained by Piedmont's sports boosters.


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