Heading Home

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Headin' Home
Heading Home (1920) - 5.jpg
Directed by Lawrence C. Windom
Produced by William Shea (producer)
Herbert H. Yudkin (producer)
Written by Arthur "Bugs" Baer
Earle Browne (story)
Starring See below
Cinematography Ollie Leach
Kessel & Baumann
Distributed by Yankee Photo Corporation
Release date
  • September 19, 1920 (1920-09-19)
Running time
55 minutes
Country United States
Language Silent (English intertitles)
Heading Home

Heading Home (also called Headin' Home) is a 1920 American silent sports film directed by Lawrence C. Windom.[1] It attempts to create a mythology surrounding the life of baseball player Babe Ruth.

The screenplay was written by Arthur "Bugs" Baer from a story by Earle Browne. Besides Ruth, it stars Ruth Taylor, William Sheer, and Margaret Seddon.

Plot summary[edit]

Ruth stars in the film, playing himself, but the details of his life are completely fictionalized. In the film, Ruth comes from a small country town and has a loving home life, but in real life, he grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and spent most of his childhood in a reformatory [1]. In the film, shades of the baseball movie The Natural, Ruth cuts down a tree to make his own bat.


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