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The health care system in Hyderabad, India consists of 50 government hospitals,[1] with bed facility of 5749, and the city has around 165 Private hospitals and up to 4000 clinics and Nursing Homes and 500 diagnostic centers, Total providing up to 12,000 bed spaces in general. The health scenario in Hyderabad is standardized and easily affordable than many other cities in India.[2] [3] [4] The majority of residents prefer treatment at private health sector and the proportion of 28% of residents uses government facilities, due to far distance locations, poor quality of patient care and extreme waiting time.[5]

The Indian Heart Association, is a non-profit NGO headquartered in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad dedicated to raising cardiovascular health awareness among the South Asian population.[6]


About One third of women and One fourth of men are overweight and obese, about 49 percent of children below 5 years are anemic and up to 20 percent children are underweight.[5] Diabetes is emerging important health problem in urban areas of India, more than 2 percent of women and 2.8 percent men suffer from diabetes in Hyderabad.[5]

MultiSpeciality Hospitals in Hyderabad[edit]

  • Continental hospital
  • Deccan Hospital
  • Apollo hospital
  • Kamineni Hospitals
  • Himagiri Hospitals
  • Indus Cancer
  • Akruti Institute of Plastic and cosmetic surgery
  • Care Hospital
  • Yashoda Hospitals

Eye Hospitals in Hyderabad[edit]

  • Sri Shankara Nethralaya [7]
  • Vasan Eye Care
  • Maxivision
  • Drashti Eye Hospital

Diagnostic Centers[edit]

  • Vijaya Diagnostic
  • Lucid Diagnostics
  • Elbit Diagnostics
  • Tesla Diagnostics
  • FirstHealth Diagnostics [8]

Dialysis Centers[edit]

  • Dr. Nayak Dialysis Centre [9]


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