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Heather Denise Gibson (Greek: Χέδερ Ντενίζ Γκίμπσον[1]) is a Scottish economist currently serving as Director-Advisor to the Bank of Greece (since 2011). She is the spouse of Euclid Tsakalotos, former Greek Minister of Finance.[2]

Academic career[edit]

Before assuming her duties at the Bank of Greece and alternating child-rearing duties with her husband, Gibson worked at the University of Kent, where she published two volumes on international exchange rate mechanisms and wrote numerous articles on this and other topics, sometimes in cooperation with her husband, who was teaching at Kent at the time.

Personal life[edit]

Gibson first came to Greece in 1993, with her husband, with whom she took turns away from their respective economic studies to raise their three children while the other worked.[3]

The couple maintain two homes in Kifisia, along with an office in Athens and a vacation home in Preveza. In 2013, this proved detrimental to Tsakalotos and his party when his critics began calling him «αριστερός αριστοκράτης» (aristeros aristokratis, "aristocrat of the left"), while newspapers opposed to the Syriza party seized on his property holdings as a chance to accuse the couple of hypocrisy for enjoying a generous lifestyle in private while criticizing the "ethic of austerity" in public. One opposition newspaper published on the front page criticism reasoning that Tsakalotos own family wealth came from the same sort of investments in companies as made by financial institutions JP Morgan and BlackRock.[3]




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Articles and papers[edit]

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  • Full list of articles by Heather D Gibson. researchgate.net. Recovered 7 July 2015


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