Hebe pimeleoides

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Hebe pimeleoides
Hebe pimeleoides - Berlin Botanical Garden - IMG 8752.JPG
Scientific classification
H. pimeleoides
Binomial name
Hebe pimeleoides
(Hook. f.) Cockayne & Allan

Hebe pimeleoides is a plant of the family Plantaginaceae, which is endemic to the dry mountains of Marlborough and Canterbury, in South Island of New Zealand. It is low-growing, evergreen shrub, reaching 60 cm in height, with gray-green, spear-shaped leaves that are 7–10 mm long. Flowers are pale lilac.


  • Hebe glaucicaerulea (J. B. Armstr.) Cockayne
  • Veronica glaucicaerulea J. B. Armstr.
  • Veronica pimeleoides Hook. f. (basionym)


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