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Hector Heathcote is a Terrytoons animated cartoon character. Created by Eli Bauer and Ralph Bakshi, he first appeared in July 18, 1959 in The Minute and a Half Man.

Hector is an 18-year-old orange-haired Colonial era patriot who turned up, often as an unsung hero, during various stages of American History. In later cartoons he was accompanied by his faithful red-and-yellow dog Winston who talked with a slight English accent. Heathcote was also antagonized by a big bully named Benedict who parodied the infamous American traitor Benedict Arnold.

He was voiced by John Myhers.

The Hector Heathcote Show debuted October 5, 1963, on NBC. The series ran for two seasons, first replacing The Shari Lewis Show. Additional cartoons in the program included Hashimoto San, a Japanese mouse, and Silly Sidney the Elephant, a wacky pachyderm whose friends included Cleo the giraffe and Stanley, a cantankerous lion. The opening and closing both had fireworks. The closing ended with Hector going to bed.

Hector was merchandised on lunch boxes, books and toys. Gold Key published him in comic book form, but only one issue (dated 1964).

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