Heffron state by-election, 2012

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The location of the seat of Heffron within Sydney

A by-election occurred for the New South Wales Legislative Assembly seat of Heffron on Saturday 25 August 2012.[1] This was triggered by the resignation of former Premier of New South Wales and state Labor MP Kristina Keneally which she announced on 23 June 2012. Labor easily retained the seat with an increased margin. Ron Hoenig received a 60 percent primary and 70 percent two-candidate preferred vote.[2][3]

The by-election was held on the same day as the Northern Territory election.


Date Event[4]
23 July 2012 Writ of election issued by the Governor
23 July 2012 Close of electoral rolls
8 August 2012 Close of party nominations
9 August 2012 Close of independent nominations, ballot paper order draw conducted
13 August 2012 Early voting began
25 August 2012 Polling day, between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm


Labor retained the seat of Heffron at the March 2011 New South Wales state election with a primary vote of 41.2 percent and a two-party-preferred vote of 57.1 percent – the sixth-safest of Labor's 20 seats won at the election of the 93 seats in the Legislative Assembly. The Liberals won 33.3 percent of the primary vote in Heffron, the Greens won 19.0 percent, the CDP won 1.9 percent, with the remaining 4.6 percent to two independent candidates. There was a 16.3 percent two-party-preferred swing away from the Liberal/National Coalition government at the November 2011 Clarence by-election. The Liberals did not contest the Heffron by-election.[5][6][7]


The four candidates in ballot paper order were as follows:

Candidate nominations[8]
  Australian Labor Party Ron Hoenig Longest-serving Botany Bay Mayor.[9][10]
  Christian Democratic Party Robyn Peebles Pastor of West Ryde Church of the Good Shepherd, state and federal serial candidate.[9]
  Australian Greens Mehreen Faruqi Civil/environmental engineer and sustainability expert, contested Heffron at previous election.[9][11]
  Australian Democrats Drew Simmons Journalist and various positions in retail/management.[9][12]


Heffron state by-election, 25 August 2012[2][13]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labor Ron Hoenig 20,501 58.9 +17.7
Greens Mehreen Faruqi 8,122 23.3 +4.4
Democrats Drew Simmons 3,749 10.8 +10.8
Christian Democrats Robyn Peebles 2,442 7.0 +5.1
Total formal votes 34,814 94.8 –1.9
Informal votes 1,910 5.2 +1.9
Turnout 36,724 65.9 –22.8
Two-candidate-preferred result
Labor Ron Hoenig 21,863 70.0 +12.9
Greens Mehreen Faruqi 9,366 30.0 +30.0
Labor hold Swing N/A

Results are final.[2][14]

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