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Helen Wu
Born 1956 (age 59–60)
Style Qigong, T'ai chi, Flying Rainbow Fan, Xing Yi, Baguazhang, Northern Shao-Lin Kungfu

Helen Wu (born 1956) is a martial artist living in Toronto, Canada. The daughter of Wang Ju-Rong and Wu Chengde, Helen began her martial arts training at age three with her mother and her grandfather Wang Zi-Ping, the world-renowned Wushu Grandmaster.

Education and research[edit]

After graduation from Shanghai University, Wu began teaching in the department of Sports Medicine.

Wu now lives and teaches in Toronto, Canada where she served on the board of the Canadian Taijiquan Federation and United Wushu Federation of Canada. She is a faculty member with the York University School of Kinesiology and Health Science.[1]

Wu has acted as a consultant on several studies on the benefits of Chi-Kung:

  • The Effects of Vigorous Exercise Training on Motor Function and Functional, Fitness in Juvenile Arthritis. Dr. Brian M Feldman[2]
  • Feasibility and Impact of Qigong as Compared to Aerobic Exercise in the Treatment of Childhood Chronic Musculo-Skeletal Pain: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial, Dr Shirley ML Tse MD FRCPC; Dr. Brian M Feldman[2]

Professional accomplishments[edit]

Wu is an accomplished wushu coach: her training methods have produced medal-winning athletes.

  • Silver Medal, Group Events Category, U.S.A All-Taijiquan Competition (1999)[citation needed]
  • 19 Medals including Silver and Bronze All-Round Grand Championships, U.S.A All-Taijiquan Competition (2000)[citation needed]
  • 23 Medals including Bronze All-Round Grand Championships, U.S.A All-Taijiquan Competition (2001)[citation needed]

Wu co-authored with Wen-Ching Wu Tai Chi Single Fan for Health and Martial Arts[citation needed] and Chi-Kung, Tai Chi and Fan: A Step by Step Training Course for Wellness and Personal Development.[3] There were used as a text for her courses at York University.

Wu has also published articles for martial arts magazines: Flying Rainbow: The Fan of Martial Arts co-authored with Marsha Zeust for Kungfu Magazine (1999)[4] and A Fan for Life for Inside Kung-fu magazine (2007).[5]

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