Helgoland Island air disaster

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Helgoland Island air disaster
Accident summary
Date September 9, 1913
Summary Weather
Site North Sea, off Heligoland
Crew 20
Fatalities 14
Survivors 6
Aircraft type Airship
Aircraft name LZ14 (manufacturer's designation)
Operator Imperial German Navy
Registration L 1 (military designation)

The Helgoland Island air disaster occurred on 9 September 1913 after the airship Zeppelin LZ 14 had been transferred to the Imperial German Navy on 7 October 1912. As the first airship owned by the Navy, it was given the serial number L-1. With 20 people on board, L-1 flew into a strong storm, crashing 32 km; 17 nmi (20 mi) north of Heligoland into the North Sea, breaking in two. The control car sank, drowning 14 of its occupants.