Helichrysum gymnocephalum

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Helichrysum gymnocephalum
Scientific classification
H. gymnocephalum
Binomial name
Helichrysum gymnocephalum

Helichrysum gymnocephalum is a flowering plant in the sunflower family (Asteraceae) found in Madagascar.[1] It is used locally for its alleged aphrodisiac, antiseptic, and stimulant properties, and also as a treatment for bronchitis.[1] The essential oil is sold internationally for these same purposes.[2] This oil mostly consists of 1,8-Cineole, the organic compound Eucalyptol, which may account for these properties.[3]

In 1999, the non-profit organization Seacology helped to preserve this and other plants by creating a national park around Mt. Angavokely, near Antananarivo in Madagascar.[1]


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