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Heliotrope Books is an independent publisher based in Lower Manhattan. Founded and operated by Naomi Rosenblatt, Heliotrope specializes in cross-genre books with mixed sales categories, memoirs by journalists (including the "memoir-noir", a category coined by Heliotrope), and fiction set in New York City. Heliotrope also publishes a line of children's books under the imprint HelioTot.[1] Notable authors include humorist entrepreneur Richard A. Moran;[2] award-winning professor and bestselling memoirist Susan Shapiro;[3] Catherine Hiller, novelist, filmmaker, and author of the notable marijuana memoir Just Say Yes;[4] novelist, poet, and playwright Sonia Pilcer;[5] author, playwright, and actor Don Cummings,[6] and international foraging expert Leda Meredith.[7]

As a New York City press, Heliotrope works closely with neighborhood bookshops and local entertainment venues including The Strand Bookstore,[8] Book Culture,[9][10][11] Dixon Place,[12] The Red Room at KGB Bar,[13] and Theatre 80 St. Marks.[citation needed]


  • Foreword Indies Winner / Bronze, Religion, 2018 - To the Moon and Back[14]
  • London Book Fair, Honorable Mention, 2018 - To the Moon and Back
  • Family Choice Award, 2015 - The Rainbow Remembers The Music[15]
  • Guernica Magazine Pick of 2013 - Fame Shark[16]


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