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For other uses, see Helms (disambiguation).

Helms is a German/Scandinavian family name. The name is most connected to the German town of Helmsdorf. It may refer to:

  • Adam Helms (born 1974), American artist
  • Bobby Helms (1933-1997), American country music singer Robert Lee Helms
  • Chet Helms (1942-2005), American rock promoter, founder and manager of the rock band Big Brother and the Holding Company
  • David H. Helms (1838–1921), Union Army soldier during the American Civil War and recipient of the Medal of Honor
  • Don Helms (1927-2008), American country music steel guitarist
  • Ed Helms (born 1974), American actor
  • Gregory Helms (born 1974), American professional wrestler
  • Hans G. Helms (1932–2012), German experimental writer, composer and social and economic analyst and critic
  • Hermann Helms (1870-1963), American chess player, writer and promoter
  • Jesse Helms (1921-2008), U.S. senator from North Carolina from 1973 to 2003
  • Jesse L. Helms (1909-1982), American politician
  • Johannes Helms (1828-1895), Danish writer and headmaster
  • John Henry Helms (1874-1919), United States Marine and a recipient of the Medal of Honor
  • Johnny Helms (1935-2015), American jazz trumpeter
  • J. Lynn Helms (1925-2011), President of Piper Aircraft Corp. and Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration
  • Laili Helms, the Taliban's best-known advocate in the West before the 9/11 attacks
  • Mike Helms (born 1982), American former basketball player
  • Paul Helms (1889-1957), founder of the Helms Bakery and co-founder of the Helms Athletic Foundation
  • Richard Helms (1913-2002), CIA Director from 1966 to 1973
  • Richard Helms (naturalist) (1842-1914) German-born Australian naturalist
  • Susan Helms (born 1958), US Air Force lieutenant general and astronaut
  • Tommy Helms (born 1941), American former Major League Baseball player and manager
  • Wes Helms (born 1976), American Major League Baseball player, nephew of Tommy Helms
  • William Helms (died 1813), US Representative from New Jersey and Revolutionary War officer