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Status last updated 9 December 2017.

This page explains how to create a print-on-demand (PoD) book via the PediaPress PDF rendering and print ordering service for Wikipedia books.

Why two different systems?[edit]

  • PDFs rendered by Wikipedia's Book Creator are optimized for rendering speed and for at-home printing on A4 paper. They are only supplied in electronic PDF format as a free download.
  • The PediaPress editions, on the other hand, are rendered to PDF on the PediaPress web site and are optimized for quality and for professional book printing on A5 paper. This higher-quality rendering is resource intensive, so it is not suitable for the wiki itself or for home downloads.

Sending a book to be rendered by PediaPress[edit]

When you edit a book, a link to PediaPress appears in the main dialog.

Click the link and you will be taken to the PediaPress website upload page.


  • Report problems with the book design, such as chapters not headed or ordered properly, at Help:Books/Feedback.
  • Report problems with the rendering and ordering service via the PediaPress web site.