Hem Chandra Chowdhury

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Hem Chandra Chowdhury
Born Unknown
Calcutta, India
Died Unknown
Calcutta, India
Cause of death Natural
Resting place Calcutta, India
Nationality Indian
Alma mater Presidency College
Religion Hinduism

Hem Chandra (Chaudhuri) Chowdhury was an Indian-born prominent land owner, real estate developer, and philanthropist. Chowdhury resided in India and is referenced in many early 1890s legal documents establishing some of the first known legal cases in India and Bangladesh for real estate development [1] and landlord tenancy issues.[2]

Angle House[edit]

Chowdhury established The Angle House in 1890 [3][4] The Angle House currently stands in the town of Hemnagar, named after Chowdhury in Gopalpur Upazila. The Angle House is a massive compound comprising multiple buildings. Within the compound are two massive man made lakes. The Angle House currently houses in one of it is buildings the Hemnagar Shashi Mukhi High English School,[5][6] which was a school founded in 1900 by H.C. Chowdhury in the name of his mother. The school still operates today.