Hempton Manor

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Hempton Manor
Studio album by The Shamen
Released September 1996
Genre Techno, dub, drum and bass, house
Label One Little Indian
The Shamen chronology
Axis Mutatis
Hempton Manor

Hempton Manor is the sixth studio album by The Shamen, released in September 1996. Hempton Manor is inspired by and dedicated to hemp, the premier plant of ecology conservation and featured a liner printed on hemp-based paper. "Hempton Manor" hybridizes tripped out techno, spacey dub and frenetic drum and bass styles into a typically Shamanic futuristic fusion. The decision to make it an entirely instrumental album was a deliberate ploy to break from their record label, One Little Indian. It is alleged to have been recorded in seven days to conclude the recording contract with One Little Indian, and the first letter of each track spell out "Fuck Birket", referring to label founder Derek Birket, who wanted the group to move back into more commercial territory.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Freya"
  2. "Urpflanze"
  3. "Cannabeo"
  4. "Khat"
  5. "Bememe"
  6. "Indica"
  7. "Rausch"
  8. "Kava"
  9. "El-Fin"
  10. "The Monoriff"