Hendrik Island

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Hendrik Island
Native name: Hendrik Ø
Hendrik Island is located in Greenland
Hendrik Island
Hendrik Island
Location Lincoln Sea
Coordinates 82°03′N 52°46′W / 82.050°N 52.767°W / 82.050; -52.767Coordinates: 82°03′N 52°46′W / 82.050°N 52.767°W / 82.050; -52.767
Area 583 km2 (225 sq mi)
Length 46 km (28.6 mi)
Width 8 km (5 mi)
Highest elevation 1,152 m (3,780 ft)
Population 0

Hendrik Island is an island in far northern Greenland. Its area is 583 km².[1] The island is named after Inuit Arctic explorer Hendrik Olsen, who was a member of Knud Rasmussen's Second Thule Expedition 1916-1917.


Hendrik Island is a large coastal island located between Saint George Fjord to the west and Sherard Osburn Fjord to the east. Its southern end faces the mouth of Hartz Sound, off the Warming Land Peninsula. The northernmost headland of the island is Dragon Point. Smaller Castle Island lies in Saint Andrew Bay off the northeastern shore of Hendrik Island.

The island is largely unglaciated except for small glaciers. It is mountainous, with a peak at its northern end reaching 1152 m. The sea around the island is rarely free from ice.[2]

Map of the Lincoln Sea area.

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