Henrietta, Mauritius

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Henrietta is found in the town of Vacoas-Phoenix, Mauritius. It is said to be the 'finishing part' of Vacoas as beyond it there is only forest.

Places of interest[edit]

Henrietta is a treasure box for adventurers. The "7 Waterfalls" (Sept-Cascades) make its pride. It has breathless views of the sunset. Tamarind Falls also form part of Henrietta. A project of cable cars has just started. A view of a major part of Mauritius will be available from the cable cars once the project has finished.

Population and terrain[edit]

Henrietta consists of a population of different social levels. It currently has big shops but no supermarkets. A large part consists of sugar cane plantation. It has a bus station which gives access to route lines only towards Port-Louis and all parts of Plaines-Wilhems.

Major bus routes are: 1. 141 Henrietta (BORD CASCADES)/Port Louis Via Réduit. Normal buses + [Air Conditioned Coaches on weekdays and Saturdays.] by National Transport Corporation.

2. 3B Henrietta (BORD CASCADES)/ Port Louis Via Quatre Bornes and Rose Hill. Normal buses + [Air Conditioned coaches on weekdays and Saturdays] by National Transport Corporation.

3. 134 Curepipe/(Bord Cascades) Henrietta Via Sadally/Floréal by National Transport Corporation.

4. 66 Vacoas/Henrietta Via Cartin/Glen-park

5. 255 Rose-Hill/Henrietta Via Cibercity by National Transport Corporation


Coordinates: 20°20′S 57°28′E / 20.333°S 57.467°E / -20.333; 57.467