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Henrik Johannes Krebs
Born (1847-06-27)June 27, 1847
Lolland, Denmark
Died October 7, 1929(1929-10-07) (aged 82)
Other names Henry J. Krebs
Occupation Businessman
Spouse(s) Ebba Victoria Kruse

Henrik Johannes Krebs[1] (June 27, 1847 – October 7, 1929), sometimes called Henry J. Krebs, was an American immigrant from Denmark who started the Krebs Pigments and Chemical Company to manufacture the pigment lithopone.[2][3][4]


Krebs was born in June 27, 1847, in Lolland, Denmark, to Hans Peter Tholstrup Krebs and Johanne Louise (Wichfled) Krebs.[2][5][6] He emigrated to the United States in 1879.[7]

He soon became the superintendent of the Delaware Sugar Beet Factory, associated with Alfred D. Wagner.[8] Krebs later joined Pusey & Jones Co. and built the first ice plant in Wilmington, Delaware.[9][clarification needed]

In 1886, Krebs, Wagner, and William G. Pennypacker founded the Delaware Chemical Company to produce anhydrous ammonia, which later became the National Ammonia Company.[9]

Around 1902, he formed the Krebs Pigments and Chemical Company. In 1908, he built a new plant in Newport, Delaware.[2][10]

Krebs retired from Krebs Pigments and Chemical Company in 1921, when his son, August Sonin Krebs, took over as president.[11]

In 1926, Krebs supplied $150,000 to Newport, Delaware, for the construction of a school to be named after him, on the occasion of his 50th wedding anniversary[12][13] The school opened in September 1927.[14]

For services to the Royal Polytechnic College in Copenhagen, the King of Denmark named Krebs a Knight in the Order of the Dannebrog.[9]

Krebs died on October 7, 1929, after a long illness.[2][7][9] After his death, his company was purchased by DuPont.[2][11]


On June 24, 1876, he married Ebba Victoria Kruse. At his death, he was survived by his wife and two children, August Sonnin, and Johanna Louise.[9]

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