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Henrik Purienne
Purienne, Venice Beach, 2013.png
South Africa[1]
OccupationPhotographer, film director
Years active2003–present

Henrik Purienne is a South African photographer, film director, and founder of fashion publication Mirage. He is based in Cape Town.[2]

Early life[edit]

Purienne was born in Worcester, South Africa.


Purienne began his career making documentary films.

He has created advertising campaigns and editorials for the brands Louis Vuitton,[3] Maison Kitsuné,[4] American Apparel,[5] Maison Margiela,[6] Interview Magazine,[7] Playboy,[8] Vogue,[9] Lui,[10] and Purple often featuring contemporary 'it girls' such as Sky Ferreira,[11] Emily Ratajkowski,[12] Camille Rowe,[13] and Aymeline Valade.[14]

In 2009 he launched the fashion and culture publication Mirage.[15]


  • Purienne, Henrik (2013). Purienne. Prestel. ISBN 978-3-7913-4827-8.
  • Purienne, Henrik (2016). Holiday. Prestel. ISBN 978-3-7913-8271-5.


  • 2012: D&AD Yellow Pencil, Professional Awards category, for commercial film / campaign directed by Purienne, titled 'MK is...', for South African music television channel MK[16]


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