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Henry Youll (also, Youell) (fl.1608) was an English madrigalist and composer active in Suffolk. His work included Canzonets to Three Voyces (London: Printed by Thomas Este [etc.], 1608). In recent times it has been published by Stainer & Bell (London, 1923), and recitals and recordings of the music have been made by madrigal groups worldwide.

Youll was tutor to the four sons of Edward Bacon, who was the third son of Sir Nicholas Bacon. It appears that those four sons were at Cambridge University together; Youll recalls "what a solace their company was once to you when I nursed them amongst you". "Canzonets to Three Voyces" is dedicated to them.

His Canzonets have charm and individuality. His choice of words – from Sidney, Ben Jonson, Sir John Davies – indicates a man of taste.[citation needed]



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