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Herbert Gleiter (born 13 October 1938 in Stuttgart) is a German researcher in physics and nanotechnology.

In 1966, he received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Stuttgart in Germany.[1] He received the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize in 1988 for contributions to the field of nanotechnology.[2][3] He became the Chair Professor of the Institute of Material Science at Saarland University, Germany in 1979.[2] He has also held positions at Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of Bochum.[1]

Since 2012, he is Director and Chair Professor of the 'Herbert Gleiter Institute of Nanoscience' of 'Nanjing University of Science and Technology' of Nanjing in China.[4]In 2019, he received the Advanced Materials Laureate during the 30th IAAM Award Assembly. [5]


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