Here and Now / You'll Be Sorry

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"Here and Now"/"You'll Be Sorry"
Single by Steps
from the album Buzz
B-side "Just Like the First Time"
Released 28 May 2001
Format Single
Recorded 2000
Length 3:28 / 3:38
Label Jive Records
Songwriter(s) Andreas Carlsson, Ali Thomson (Here and Now)
Topham & Twigg (You'll Be Sorry)
Producer(s) Quiz & Larossi (Here and Now)
Topham, Twigg, Waterman (You'll Be Sorry)
Steps singles chronology
"It's the Way You Make Me Feel"
"Here and Now" / "You'll Be Sorry"
"Chain Reaction"
"It's the Way You Make Me Feel"
"Here and Now"/"You'll Be Sorry"
"Chain Reaction"
Alternative cover
CD2 cover
CD2 cover

"Here and Now"/"You'll Be Sorry" was the 13th single released by Steps, a pop group from the UK. It was their fourth double A-side release. Both tracks are taken from their third album, Buzz. It was released 28 May 2001. In Europe, the song "Here and Now" was released alongside "Summer of Love" instead. Both singles were remixed for their single release, with the official titles of the Q-Street Mix (also called the Soundtrade Mix) and The Pardon Mix.

Music video[edit]

The concept was notable for the fact that the videos for the two songs linked together. The video for "Here And Now" features the group making their way round a maze, until they reach the centre and perform the song's dance routine. At the end of the song, the centre of the maze morphs into a spaceship which flies off. This was the first video in which Lisa was engaged.

The video for "You'll Be Sorry" takes place aboard the spaceship. A competition was held through the official Steps website for fans to be filmed and appear in the video for "You'll Be Sorry", which was recorded in Acton, London. The thirty or so competition winners were filmed dancing around the centre stage whilst Steps performed their dance routine to the chorus of the song. However none of the footage made it to the final cut, disappointing the competition winners.


(Here and Now)

(You'll Be Sorry)

Track listings[edit]


  1. "Here and Now" [Q-Street Mix] – 3:28
  2. "Here and Now" [Sleazesisters Anthem Mix] – 7:51
  3. "You'll Be Sorry" [W.I.P. Bach to Classics Mix] – 6:48


  1. "You'll Be Sorry" [The Pardon Mix] – 3:38
  2. "Here and Now" [Almighty Mix] – 8:20
  3. "Just Like the First Time" – 3:28

Australian CD single[edit]

Jive Records: Exclusive 6-track

  1. "Here and Now" (Soundtrade Mix) – 3:28
  2. "Here and Now" (Sleazesisters Anthem Mix) – 7:51
  3. "Here and Now" (Almighty Mix) – 8:20
  4. "You'll Be Sorry" (The Pardon Mix) – 3:38
  5. "You'll Be Sorry" (W.I.P. Bach to Classics Mix) – 6:48
  6. "Just Like the First Time"

Other remixes[edit]

  1. "Here and Now" (Almighty Edit)
  2. "Here and Now" (Sleazesisters Anthem Edit)
  3. "You'll Be Sorry" (W.I.P. Radio Mix)
  4. "You'll Be Sorry" (Sleazesisters Anthem Mix)
  5. "You'll Be Sorry" (Sleazesisters Anthem Edit)

Chart performance[edit]

Released on 28 May 2001, the single debuted and peaked at number four on the UK Singles Chart. It spent 10 weeks in the top 75. Despite its chart success, it ended up as one of their lowest selling singles.


Chart (2001) Peak
Australian Singles Chart 72
Irish Singles Chart 23
UK Singles Chart 4