Here in America

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Here in America
Here in America.jpg
Compilation album by Rich Mullins
Released May 6, 2003
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Length 66:06
Label Reunion
Producer Steve Cudworth / Fred Paragono
Rich Mullins chronology
Songs 2
Here in America

Here in America is a CD compilation of early songwriting demos and rare live recordings of concert performances given by American singer/songwriter Rich Mullins as he toured across America in 1986-1987 with song collaborator Steve Cudworth (vocals/guitar) and Kyle Stevens (drums/vocals). Released posthumously on May 6, 2003, six years after his death, "Here In America" allows listeners to enjoy excerpts from Rich Mullins concerts prior to the release of "Awesome God" in 1988, which inevitably propelled him, as a recording artist, to a higher level of recognition by the CCM industry. The album comes with a Bonus DVD with two parts - "Live at Studio B", a 1997 concert with a Ragamuffin Band; and "12 Short Stories", which was recorded in February 1994 (although the DVD misidentifies it as 1993) during a two-day seminar led by Rich Mullins and Beaker at LeSEA Broadcasting Studios in South Bend, Indiana.

CD track listing[edit]

  1. "Here In America" (Songwriting Demo)
  2. "Teaching Awesome God" (Live)
  3. "Verge Of A Miracle" (Live)
  4. "Be With You" (Live)
  5. "O Come All Ye Faithful" (Songwriting Demo)
  6. "What Trouble Are Giants" (Live)
  7. "Praise Ye The Lord" (Live)
  8. "Hello Old Friends" (Live)
  9. "It Don't Do" (Live)
  10. "Screen Door" (Live)
  11. "Never Heard The Music" (Songwriting Demo)
  12. "None Are Stronger" (Live)
  13. "The Lord's Prayer" (Songwriting Demo)

DVD track listing[edit]

Live From Studio B:

  1. I Will Sing
  2. Sing Your Praise to the Lord
  3. If I Stand
  4. Calling Out Your Name
  5. Elijah
  6. Awesome God
  7. We Are Not As Strong as We Think We Are
  8. Let Mercy Lead
  9. Boy Like Me - Man Like You
  10. F Major Invention (J.S. Bach)
  11. Screen Door
  12. Hold Me Jesus
  13. Sometimes By Step
  14. Creed

12 Short Stories:

  1. Sex and Self-Confidence
  2. Perfection Is Boring
  3. Be Assertive
  4. Killing Philistines
  5. Sensationalism
  6. Worship Buzz
  7. A Reason To Party
  8. Life Is Good
  9. Women & Tragedy
  10. I Never Intended
  11. Temptation In Germany
  12. Driving Without Headlights