Herefordshire County Football Association

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Herefordshire County Football Association
Herefordshire County FA.png
Purpose Football association
Headquarters County Ground Offices
Widemarsh Common
Jim Lambert

The Herefordshire Football Association, simply known as the Herefordshire FA or HFA, is the governing body of football in the county of Herefordshire. It runs several league and cup competitions in the county.


The Herefordshire FA consists of two key bodies.

The Council; comprising 17 elected representatives from the Leagues within the county plus 11 Life Members. The Council meets 4 times per year to consider policy issues and direction, as well as to approve proposals put forward by the various committees.

The Board; was established in 1998 to make the decision-making process more streamlined, is responsible for major business, strategic and commercial decisions. The Board comprises six elected representatives from the Council, plus the HFA Chief Executive and Company Secretary.[1]

The Herefordshire FA are committed to developing and administering the game at all levels within the county. In line with The Football Association's Whole Sport Plan, the County FA has produced a four-year plan aimed at providing everyone with the opportunity to participate in football for life.

They are keen to develop partnerships to promote the benefits of football and improve the facilitieis where football is played. Working with key partners we hope to access essential funding which can be invested to increase the quantity and quality of pitches and facilities providing more and better playing opportunities.[2]

Affiliated Leagues & Competitions[edit]

Affiliated Member Clubs[edit]

Among the notable clubs that are affiliated to the Herefordshire FA are:

List of recent County Cup Winners[edit]

Season HFA County Challenge HFA Charity Bowl HFA Junior Cup HFA Burghill Cup
2004–05 Ewyas Harold Ewyas Harold Reserves Skenfrith United
2005–06 Ewyas Harold Colwall Rangers Civil Service
2006–07 Ledbury Town Ewyas Harold Widemarsh Rangers Fownhope Reserves
2007–08 Westfields Woofferton Pegasus Colts Holme Lacy
2008–09 Wellington Westfields Wellington Colts Leintwardine Colts
2009–10 Ledbury Town Leominster Town Ewyas Harold Reserves Hinton Reserves
2010–11 Westfields Westfields Mercia Athletic Kingstone Rovers
2011-12 Westfields Ledbury Town Weobley Sinkum
2012-13 Westfields Westfields Reserves Weobley Weobley
2013-14 Westfields
2014-15 Westfields
2015-16 Hereford


The Board & Officials[edit]

The Board[edit]

  • WE Shorten (Chairman)
  • RJ Perks (Vice-Chairman)
  • JS Lambert (Chief Executive)
  • LP Tompkins (Company Secretary)
  • KJ Bishop
  • SJ Willmot
  • C Taylor
  • SA Fellowes

Key Official[edit]

  • JS Lambert (Chief Executive)[5]


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