Hermann Kopp

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Hermann Kopp
Hermann Kopp (Musiker).jpg
Hermann Kopp
Born (1954-08-21) 21 August 1954 (age 62)
Stuttgart, Germany
Occupation musician, composer, actor
Years active 1981–1990, 2004-present

Hermann Kopp (born 21 August 1954 in Stuttgart) is a German composer and musician, presently living in Barcelona, Spain.


After moving to Karlsruhe in 1979 he became a member of the German electro-industrial band Keine Ahnung. In the 1980s he released two vinyl records with a sound that can be vaguely classified as electronic minimalism. In 1987 he participated in the soundtrack of the German horror film Nekromantik, followed in 1989 by music to the movie Der Todesking and in 1990 to Nekromantik 2. Unlike the early song material that tends to be intimist and voluntarily drawing on the kitsch side, his film scores create uneasy and haunting atmospheres, weaving atonal strings, slow motion rhythms, moog synthesizers and plain noise into soundtrack form. In 2007, Hermann Kopp released “Psicofonico”, abstract violin soundscapes influenced by a Spanish documentary on the Electronic Voice Phenomena. His more recent releases on the Galakthorrö label remain closer to his earlier horror scores, developing them into an individualistic, morbid musical language.

He has been signed to the following labels through his career;

  • Passiv
  • Red Stream
  • Vinyl On Demand
  • Bataille
  • Galakthorrö
  • Aesthetic Records

In Other Media[edit]

In the movie Der Todesking Hermann Kopp plays a part as a man drowning himself in his bathtub. His name in the film, Barsch, is an allusion to the German politician Uwe Barschel who was found dead in the bathtub of a hotel in Geneva, following a political scandal that became popular under the name of “Waterkantgate”.


  • "Aquaplaning in Venedig", Vinyl-EP 1981
  • "Pop", Vinyl-LP, 1983
  • "Japgirls in Synthesis", Vinyl-LP, 2004
  • "Nekronology", CD, 2004, reissued on Vinyl in 2009
  • "Kitsch", Vinyl-LP, 2004
  • "Mondo Carnale", Vinyl-LP, 2005
  • "Psicofonico", CD, 2007
  • "Under A Demon's Mask", Vinyl and CD, 2008
  • "Cerveau D'Enfant", Vinyl-EP, 2010
  • "Zyanidanger", Vinyl and CD, 2013

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