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Herrenwyk power station was a coal-fired power station in Lübeck-Herrenwyk, Germany. It was the first regional power station in Schleswig-Holstein.[1] The power station was owned and operated by Nordwestdeutsche Kraftwerke Aktiengesellschaft (now part of E.ON).[2]

Construction of the power station started in 1910 and the power station was commissioned on 11 June 1911.[2][3] In 1955, a new 25 megawat (MW) unit was commissioned.[2] In 1992, the Lübeck-Herrenwyk power station was demolished after the bankruptcy and demolition of a local metallurgical plant.

There was a proposal to build a new 400 MW power station at the site of the demolished power station. However, in 2000 E.ON abandoned this project because of the existing overcapacity in the electricity market.[4]

In 1994, the Baltic Cable's static invertor plant was built on the site of former power station.


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