Herzogstand Cable Car

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A cable car platform
Upper terminus of the Herzogstandbahn

The Herzogstand Cable Car (German: Herzogstandbahn) was built in 1994 as replacement for a 4,500-foot (1,400 m) chair lift through the Bavarian alps. Its two cabins carry passengers from Lake Walchensee (800 metres/2,600 ft above NN) to the Fahrenberg mountain (1,600 metres/5,200 ft above NN) on the upper slopes of the Herzogstand mountain. The cableway uses a 43 mm (1.7 in) carrying cable and a 21 mm (0.83 in) hauling cable. The cable car is driven by a 185 kilowatt engine. The cable way has two supports, which are 28 metres (92 ft) and 24 metres (79 ft) high. The journey time each way is four minutes and the cars reach a top speed of 8 metres per second (18 mph).

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Coordinates: 47°35′47″N 11°18′58″E / 47.59639°N 11.31611°E / 47.59639; 11.31611