Winky's Horse

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Winky's Horse
Winky's Horse.jpg
Directed by Mischa Kamp
Starring Ebbie Tam
Release dates
12 October 2005
Country Netherlands
Language Dutch, Chinese

Winky's Horse (Dutch: Het paard van Sinterklaas) is a 2005 Dutch children's film. The film received a Golden Film for 100,000 visitors.

Its sequel is Where Is Winky's Horse?.


There is only one thing the six-year-old Winky wants: a horse, a real horse to ride. But horses are expensive. Fortunately it is the season of Sinterklaas; Winky just asks Sinterklaas for a horse. Then everything will work out alright. Or will it?

A cute movie about a little Chinese girl who tries to fit in in the Netherlands and learns about Sinterklaas.

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