High Times – The Best of Fools Garden

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High Times
The Best of Fools Garden
High Times.jpg
Greatest hits album by Fools Garden
Released October 2, 2009[1]
Genre Rock, Indie pop, Pop rock
Fools Garden chronology
High Times - The Best of Fools Garden
Who Is Jo King?
(2012)Who Is Jo King?2012

High Times – The Best of Fools Garden is a best-of compilation album by German pop band Fools Garden, released on October 2, 2009. It features 14 tracks taken from the band's back catalogue, plus one new recording. Ten of the tracks were released in the past as singles (eleven if counting the new track and single, "High Time"). The compilation doesn't include any song from band's first two albums and omits eight of their later singles, such as "Pieces", "It Can Happen", "Happy", "In the Name", "Closer", "Man of Devotion", "Does Anybody Know?" and "Cold". The songs "Lemon Tree", "Wild Days" and "Suzy" have been rerecorded for this compilation.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Peter Freudenthaler and Volker Hinkel, except Track 9 by Freudenthaler, Hinkel and Gabriel Holz

  1. "Lemon Tree"
  2. "Wild Days"
  3. "Probably"
  4. "Why Did She Go?"
  5. "Rainy Day"
  6. "Suzy"
    • Track 6: original version on the album For Sale
  7. "Dreaming"
  8. "Welcome Sun"
  9. "Count on Me"
  10. "Comedy Song
  11. "Life"
  12. "I Got a Ticket"
    • Track 12: previously unreleased on an album
  13. "Home"
  14. "Million Dollar Baby"
    • Tracks 13-14: from the EP Home
  15. "High Time"
    • Track 15: previously unreleased


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