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Coordinates: 54°41′17″N 1°14′56″W / 54.688°N 1.249°W / 54.688; -1.249 High Tunstall College of Science (since 2005; previously High Tunstall Comprehensive School) is a secondary school in Hartlepool, England.


The school was originally built to amalgamate Hartlepool boys technical school and Brierton Hill Technical High School for girls in 1973 after changes in the British schools system.


The school is one of six secondary schools in the area. The headteacher is Mr Mark Tilling.

At the beginning of the 2005-2006 school year, the school was designated a specialist Science College with a secondary specialism of Maths.


High Tunstall School consists of five main blocks ( A-B-C-D-E). Block A is used for cooking, block B is used for maths and science, block C is for citizenship, philosophy, ethics, history, geography and English . Block D is for arts and languages and block E is for world affairs. Block A is also used for administration. Two blocks are almost completely for teaching and another isolated block exists as a combination for the two. There is also one temporary block, which is used exclusively for teaching. The school also has a 20M x 5M swimming pool, a running track and several fields used mainly for Physical Education lessons.

2004 official statistics[edit]

Background statistics[edit]

According to 2004 government statistics, High Tunstall School has just over 1,150 students at the school. Of these 3.8% of pupils have a special needs record with statements, with a further 21.4% possessing a record without statements. This means that over a quarter of students have some SEN involvement, a total well above the national average possessed mainly due to the taking on of most students from local special needs primary schools.

Statistics based on Year 11 students[edit]

Of the students attending the school in 2004, 231 started the school year at the age of 15, meaning that they started the year as part of Year 11. 38 of the 231 possessed some form of special needs, 6 with statements. Out of the year group a solid 55% obtained a 5+ A*-C attainment level at the start of the school year, with 96% holding a 5+ A*-G attainment level, and 98% managing at least an entry level qualification. This start of year achievement would leave High Tunstall above average for both the Hartlepool LEA and England.

Four-year record[edit]

Year 5+ A*-C grades 1+ GCSE/GNVQ/Qualification
2001 50% 99%
2002 51% 96%
2003 61% 97%
2004 55% 98%

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