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Highway 15
15 طريق
Desert Highway طريق الصحرا
The Desert Highway in Jordan
Route information
Part of Mashreq-M45.gifMashreq-M47.gif
Length420 km (260 mi)
Major junctions
North endJaber, Mafraq Governorate
SyriaMashreq-M45.gif M5 M5 Motorway
 Mafraq, Highway 10
Mafraq, Highway 20
Zarqa, Highway 30
Sahab, Highway 40
Qatraneh, Highway 50
Jurf Al Darawish, Highway 60
Ma'an, Mashreq-M45.gif Highway 5
Ma'an, Highway 70
Abu Al-Lasn, Highway 35
Aqaba, Highway 80
South endAqaba
Mashreq-M50.gifMashreq-M55.gif Highway 65
Saudi ArabiaMashreq-M50.gifMashreq-M55.gifSaudi Arabia - Highway-5.svg Highway 5
Highway system
Highways of Jordan
The highway passing through Ma'an Governorate near Petra

Highway 15 in Jordan is also known as the Desert Highway runs in Jordan south to north. It starts in Aqaba going north east towards Ma'an, passing through the desert to the east of the major settlements in the southern region of Jordan. It then merges into the regional Highway 35 going to Amman. In Amman, it then follows the path of a newly constructed bypass highway to Zarqa.

A rest area on Highway 15 (the Desert Highway)
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