Highway Traffic Act (Ontario)

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The Highway Traffic Act (HTA) is an Ontario Act which regulates the licensing of vehicles, classification of traffic offenses, administration of loads, classification of vehicles and other transport related issues. First introduced in 1923 to deal with increasing accidents during the early years of motoring in Ontario,[1] and replacing earlier legislation such as the Highway Travel Act, there have been amendments due to changes to driving conditions and new transportation trends.

A list of amended acts over the years:

  • HTA 1923 - first act
  • HTA 1930
  • HTA 1937
  • HTA 1950
  • HTA 1960
  • HTA 1970
  • HTA 1980
  • HTA 1990

The latest revision (2009) to the act was added to ban use of cell phones in cars.

Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador are some of the few provinces with a Highway Traffic Act.

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