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There are various Highways and Routes in the Dominican Republic. They are listed here.


The Dominican Republic is classified as a middle-income country by the World Bank. In the last 10 years the government of the Dominican Republic has put increased effort in renovating and improving the nationwide road infrastructure to improve connections of the interior of the country to Santo Domingo. This has successfully improved the quality of the main eight highways of the Dominican Republic. Expansion, widening, tunnels, and elevated viaduct have all been methods used by the Dominican authorities to increase the efficiency of the main arteries of the country. DR-1 connects Santo Domingo to the fertile Cibao region, Dominican Republic's second most populated city Santiago de los Caballeros and ends in the Dominico-Haitian border close to Monte Cristi. DR-2 gives Santo Domingo a direct link to the mid-size cities located in the southwestern region of the country and a second connection with Haiti. DR-3 provides Santo Domingo with a direct connection to the important cities of the east and to the main tourist towns of the republic. The other numbered highways provide alternative routes(DR-8, DR-4, DR-6), or work as an auxiliary route(DR-5) from the main routes to connect smaller sized cities to the main highway grid. The following is a table of the main highways of the republic.

Designation Terminus A Terminus B Known As
DR-1 Santo Domingo San Fernando de Monte Cristi Autopista Juan Pablo Duarte
DR-2 Santo Domingo Comendador Carretera Sanchez
DR-3 Santo Domingo Punta Cana Autovia del Este
DR-4 Santo Domingo Higuey Carretera Mella
DR-5 Las Galeras Villa Bisonó Carretera Navarrete-Puerto Plata
DR-6 Santo Domingo San Cristóbal Autopista 6 De Noviembre
DR-7 Santo Domingo Sánchez, Samaná Carretera de Samana
DR-12 Bonao Constanza Carretera de Constanza
DR-13 Santo Domingo Yamasá Carretera de Yamasa


Like any developing nation, the Dominican Republic suffers from a lack of good paved routes to connect smaller towns and less populated areas. Some of them are in bad condition or are completely unpaved.

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