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Hilary Bell (1965–2010) was a pioneer of reality television including Faking It and Wife Swap. Early in her television career, she worked with BBC TV's Watchdog series including working undercover to expose the Hoover Free Flights Promotion. She went on to work with Peter Dale on the BAFTA nominated series, "The System" in 1996, contributing greatly to the success of the series. She also worked for Vets in Practice.

Early life and education[edit]

Hilary Bell was born in Fareham, Hampshire, U.K on August 20, 1965. She attended Rookesbury Park followed by Petworth and Portsmouth High School for Girls. She then attended Trinity College, Cambridge reading law.

Professional Achievements[edit]

Amongst the programs with which she was involved were

Previous to these activities, she was also involved in T.V. journalism such as with Hoover Free Flights Promotion investigation

Radio Interview[edit]

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