Hilläkeste Lake

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Hilläkeste Lake
Hilläkeste järv 2013 sügis.JPG
Hilläkeste järv 2013
Location Estonia
Coordinates 57°45′21″N 27°26′47″E / 57.75583°N 27.44639°E / 57.75583; 27.44639Coordinates: 57°45′21″N 27°26′47″E / 57.75583°N 27.44639°E / 57.75583; 27.44639
Catchment area 47,800 km2 (18,500 sq mi)
Basin countries Estonia
Surface area 1.3 ha (3.2 acres)
Average depth 2.1 m (6.9 ft)
Settlements Hilläkeste

Hilläkeste Lake (also known as Meremäe Lake, Meremäe Artificial Lake, Tsirgu Artificial Lake) is a lake in Võru County near Meremäe village. The length of the waterline is 625 metres and surface area of the basin is 1 km². Hilläkeste Lake is a recreational area for the people in Meremäe region, where they swim and go fishing. There is a small sandy beach and there used to be a swimming pier that has perished by today. Meremäe rural municipality government has started the process in order to claim the lake as public property.