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There are several Hip Tin Temples (Chinese: 協天宮; Jyutping: hip3 tin1 gung1) in Hong Kong. Kwan Tai (Guan Yu) is worshiped in these temples. The table provides a partial list of these temples.

Location Notes Status References Photographs
Ma Wan Tsuen (馬環村), Lei Yue Mun (Kowloon)

22°17′10″N 114°14′23″E / 22.286222°N 114.239838°E / 22.286222; 114.239838 (Hip Tin Temple, Lei Yue Mun)

The Hip Tin Temple is adjacent to the Tin Hau Temple and was added after 1953. Picture: Tin Hau Temple (left) and Hip Tin Temple (right) in Lei Yue Mun.
20130219 LYM 37.JPG
Shing Mun San Tsuen (錦田城門新村), Kam Tin, Yuen Long

22°26′38″N 114°04′01″E / 22.443783°N 114.066887°E / 22.443783; 114.066887 (Hip Tin Temple, Kam Tin Shing Mun San Tsuen)

Hip Tin Temple was relocated from Shing Mun Valley in the 1920s due to the construction of the Shing Mun Reservoir and the resulting resettlement of Shing Mun San Tsuen.[1] The temple is owned by the Cheng clan. It was probably built around 1920.[2] No grade [1]
Po Sam Pai (布心排), Plover Cove, Tai Po

22°28′16″N 114°12′38″E / 22.471122°N 114.210520°E / 22.471122; 114.210520 (Hip Tin Temple, Po Sam Pai)

Built in 1823. The temple was renovated in 1889 and 1905.[3] Grade III [2] [3]
HK TaiPo PoSamPai HipTinTemple.jpg
Ting Kok Road, Tai Po Kau Hui, Tai Po

22°27′16″N 114°09′57″E / 22.454384°N 114.165728°E / 22.454384; 114.165728 (Hip Tin Temple, Tai Po Kau Hui)

(zh) The Tin Hau Temple in Tai Po Kau Hui was built before 1691. On the left of the Tin Hau Temple is a Hip Tin Temple. On its right is a Tam Sin Temple where Tam Sin is revered.[4] Grade III
HK TaiPoKauHuiTinHauTemple.JPG
No. 53 Cheung Shue Tan Tsuen (樟樹灘), Tai Po District

22°25′34″N 114°12′01″E / 22.426073°N 114.200362°E / 22.426073; 114.200362 (Hip Tin Temple,Cheung Shue Tan Tsuen)

Its year of construction unknown.[5] The temple was renovated in 1898.[6] Grade III [4]
HK CheungShuTanTsuen HipTinTemple.JPG
Shuen Wan area of Plover Cove, next to Kei Shan Kok between Wai Ha and Ha Tei Ha, Tai Po District.[7]

22°28′01″N 114°12′15″E / 22.466928°N 114.204200°E / 22.466928; 114.204200 (Hip Tin Temple of Sam Kung Temples complex)

One of the three temples of the Sam Kung Temples complex (三宮廟). The other ones are a Tin Hau Temple and a Temple of Confucius.[7] The Sam Kung Temples complex had been destroyed by a typhoon in 1936 and was reconstructed in 2009.[8] Not listed [5] [6]
Po Tung Road (普通道), Sai Kung

22°22′52″N 114°16′15″E / 22.381110°N 114.270792°E / 22.381110; 114.270792 (Tin Hau Temple and Hip Tin Temple, Sai Kung Town)

Tin Hau Temple and Hip Tin Temple (西貢墟天后古廟及協天宮). The two temples are believed to have been rebuilt in the 1910s to 1920s.[9] Grade II [7] [8]
Picture: Tin Hau Temple (left) and Hip Tin Temple (right) in Sai Kung.
HK TinHau and HipTin Temple SaiKungHui.jpg
No. 2 Lai Chi Wo, Sha Tau Kok

22°31′37″N 114°15′37″E / 22.526960°N 114.260350°E / 22.526960; 114.260350 (Hip Tin Temple and Hok Shan Monastery, Lai Chi Wo)

The Hip Tin Temple and Hok Shan Monastery are located on the square of Lai Chi Wo Village.[10] Built in the Qing Dynasty, they have a history of more than two hundred years. The two structures are connected. They were jointly built by the seven villages in Sha Tau Kok, Hing Chun Yuek for drawing good fortune and expelling the evils. Hip Tin Temple is for Guan Di in which there is a statue of Guan Di while Hok Shan Monastery is for Guan Yin. Grade III [9]
HK LaiChiWo HipTinTemple & HokShanMonastery.JPG
Just opposite the Sha Tau Kok Control Point, Shan Tsui Tsuen (山咀), Sha Tau Kok

22°32′59″N 114°13′25″E / 22.549807°N 114.223473°E / 22.549807; 114.223473 (Hip Tin Temple, Shan Tsui Tsuen)

Completed in 1895. It also has been used as a school.[11] Grade I
Kuk Po, Luk Keng, Sha Tau Kok

22°31′53″N 114°14′00″E / 22.531481°N 114.233290°E / 22.531481; 114.233290 (Kai Choi School and Hip Tin Temple, Kuk Po)

Kai Choi School and Hip Tin Temple, Kuk Po.[12] Grade III
HK KukPo HipTinTemple KaiChoySchool.jpg
Nam Chung Cheng Uk, Sha Tau Kok

22°31′15″N 114°12′25″E / 22.520841°N 114.207034°E / 22.520841; 114.207034 (Hip Tin Temple, Nam Chung Cheng Uk)

Not listed [10]
HK NamChungHipTinTemple.JPG
Yim Tso Ha (鹽灶下), Sha Tau Kok

22°31′54″N 114°12′27″E / 22.531629°N 114.207451°E / 22.531629; 114.207451 (Hip Tin Temple, Yim Tso Ha)

Not listed [11] [12]
Wu Shek Kok (烏石角), Sha Tau Kok

22°32′11″N 114°12′52″E / 22.536367°N 114.214527°E / 22.536367; 114.214527 (Hip Tin Temple, Wu Shek Kok)

Hip Tin Temple, adjacent to a Tin Hau Temple Not listed [13]
Picture: Tin Hau Temple (centre) and Hip Tin Temple (right) in Wu Shek Kok.
HK YuShekKokTinHauTemple.JPG

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