Hirono Power Station

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Hirono Power Station
Hirono Power Station is located in Japan
Hirono Power Station
Location of Hirono Power Station in Japan
Official name 広野火力発電所
Country Japan
Location Hirono, Fukushima
Coordinates 37°14′18″N 141°01′04″E / 37.23833°N 141.01778°E / 37.23833; 141.01778Coordinates: 37°14′18″N 141°01′04″E / 37.23833°N 141.01778°E / 37.23833; 141.01778
Status Operational
Commission date April 1980
Owner(s) Tepco
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Fuel oil, Crude oil
Secondary fuel Coal
Power generation
Units operational 5
Nameplate capacity 4,400 MW

Hirono Power Station (広野火力発電所?, Hirono karyokuhatsudensho) is an fossil-fuel power station located about 3 km north of Hirono, Fukushima, Japan.

The plant has an installed capacity of 4,400 MW. Power is generated by three 600 MW units, and two 1,000 MW units. Units 1 to 4 run on fuel oil and crude oil,[1] whereas unit 5 (600 MW) runs on coal.[2] A new 600 MW coal-fired unit, Unit 6, commenced commercial operation in December, 2013.[3]

The power plant located directly at the Pacific Ocean was damaged by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.[4] Tepco managed to return the first block to operation in July 2011.[5]

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