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Hisashi Inoue (井上 久士, Inoue Hisashi, born 1950) is a Japanese historian. His area of expertise is modern Chinese history and Sino-Japanese relations. Since 2001 he has been a professor in the faculty of law at Surugadai University after having served as associate professor at the same university.

He received a master's degree from Hitotsubashi University’s department of sociological research and then attained a doctorate in the same field.

He is the managing director of the “Chūgokujin Sensō Higaisha no Yōkyū wo Sasaeru Kai”, which provides legal support for Chinese victims of Japanese war crimes, and within that organization he heads an executive committee charged with seeking a formal apology and reparations from the Japanese government for the Pingdingshan massacre.[1]

Inoue is an active researcher on the Nanjing massacre and believes that more than 100,000 POWs, captured plainclothes guerrillas, and civilians were murdered by the Japanese army in Nanjing city and its vicinity and in the surrounding six counties.[2]

He and his colleague Akira Fujiwara supervised the first Japanese translation of Iris Chang's The Rape of Nanking which was not released because Chang refused to change the text in 62 places where Inoue had advised making corrections.[3]


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