Historical Atlas of the World

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Historical Atlas of the World
Author Oddavar Bjørkland, Haakon Holmboe, Andre Røhr Maps by: Berit Lie
Country Norway
Language English
Genre Atlas, History
Publisher Barnes & Noble
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages ~170
ISBN 0-389-01087-1
OCLC 100071
LC Class G1030 .B452 1970

Historical Atlas of the World is a historical atlas that contains 108 color maps showing religious boundaries, countries, cities, buildings army movements and expeditions. It contains an index to place, peoples, historical and military events and explorers. Covers the span from 3000 BC to ~1970 (Rhodesia, not Zimbabwe; Pakistan, not Bangladesh; North and South Vietnam)

Broken into four sections:

There is no commentary on the maps, but nearly all maps have a thorough legend. Occasionally a map will have an unreferenced symbol.

Compact (0.5" x 4.75"x 7.75") and tightly bound.

Last known printing: 1981