History of cricket in New Zealand from 1890–91 to 1918

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This article describes the history of New Zealand cricket from the 1890-91 season until 1918.


The New Zealand Cricket Council was formed at a meeting of provincial delegates from around New Zealand at the City Hotel in Christchurch on 27 December 1894. Its main purposes were to co-ordinate domestic cricket and to organize tours of New Zealand teams abroad and of foreign teams to New Zealand.[1]

Domestic cricket[edit]

There was no formal championship competition in New Zealand until the Plunket Shield was inaugurated in 1906. Until then, regular first-class matches were played by Canterbury, Otago, Auckland, Wellington and occasionally by Hawke's Bay.

The 1906-07 season featured the inaugural Plunket Shield which was the New Zealand State Championship from 1906 to 1975.

The Plunket Shield was presented by the then governor-general, Lord Plunket, and was played on a challenge basis until 1920-21, since which time it has been a league. It was usually won by either Canterbury or Auckland.

Plunket Shield winners[edit]

International tours of New Zealand[edit]

New South Wales 1893-94[edit]

Fiji 1894-95[edit]

New South Wales 1895-96[edit]

Queensland 1896-97[edit]

Australia 1896-97[edit]

Lord Hawke's XI 1902-03[edit]

An English team managed by Lord Hawke played the New Zealand national team (twice) and the main provincial teams: Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury and Otago.

The MCC team was captained by Plum Warner and included Bernard Bosanquet, Frederick Fane, Cuthbert Burnup and George Thompson.

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Australia 1904-05[edit]

Australia toured New Zealand in the 1904-05 season to play first-class matches versus the New Zealand national team (twice), Canterbury and Otago.

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Marylebone Cricket Club 1906-07[edit]

MCC played two first-class matches versus New Zealand national team and also played twice against each of the four main provincial teams: Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury and Otago. A further match was played against Hawke's Bay.

The MCC team was captained by Teddy Wynyard and included future Test players like Johnny Douglas and George Simpson-Hayward.

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Australia 1909-10[edit]

Australia played first-class matches against the New Zealand national team (twice), Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury, Otago and Hawke's Bay.

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Australia 1913-14[edit]

Australia played two first-class matches against New Zealand, first-class matches against Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury and Otago, and three minor matches.

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