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HiveColab is an innovation hub and startup incubator in Kampala, Uganda. The space was founded in 2010[1][2] and is noted as being one of Africa's first innovation hubs of note along with the IHub.[3][4][5] HiveColab was founded by African technologist and Appfrica CEO Jon Gosier, Senegalese Born, British Businesswoman Marieme Jamme, Daniel Stern, Teddy Ruge and supported by Director Barbara Birungi.[6] The space is funded by Appfrica,[7] IndigoTrust[8] and Dutch NGO Hivos.[9] HiveColab is one of the founding members of Afrilabs a network of African innovation hubs across the continent. Barbara Birungi has stated she's passionate about how teachnology can change the future of Africa, for women in particular.[10][11]