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IndustryBusiness incubator
FounderJon Gosier

Appfrica (sometimes referred to as Appfrica Labs) is a market research and technology firm founded by current CEO Jon Gosier[2] in 2008 in Kampala, Uganda.[3] The firm has been responsible for a number of technology initiatives responsible for promoting Africa's technology sector including HiveColab, Apps4Africa,[4] HiveColab, QuestionBox[5][6] and for helping Google Africa translate its page for Ugandan audiences.[7]

Appfrica helps multinational firms do business in African markets by helping them understand consumer behavior, find local partners, and hire local talent.

Incubation, Apps4Africa, and HiveColab[edit]

Appfrica is one of the oldest technology incubators in Africa, founded in 2008.[8] In 2010 Africa spun out its incubation services into two new initiatives Apps4Africa and HiveColab. Apps4Africa began as a series of competitions that were launched in partnership with the U.S. Department of State. Later Apps4Africa announced an Acceleration program for African tech startups. HiveColab was founded as a free collaborative workspace in Kampala, Uganda that helped African technologists learn about tech and entrepreneurship. HiveColab is funded by Appfrica, IndigoTrust, and Hivos.

Open Data and Statfrica[edit]

In 2013 Appfrica turned much of the research it has collected about Africa into Statfrica.com an online repository of information and open data for businesses, researchers and students.[9][10]


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