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Staufen mountain germany.jpg
The Staufen mountain range from an airplane
Highest point
Elevation1,771 m (5,810 ft)
Prominence301 m (988 ft)
Coordinates47°45′0″N 12°51′0″E / 47.75000°N 12.85000°E / 47.75000; 12.85000Coordinates: 47°45′0″N 12°51′0″E / 47.75000°N 12.85000°E / 47.75000; 12.85000
PronunciationGerman: [ˌhoːxˈʃtaʊfən]
LocationBavaria, Germany
Parent rangeChiemgau Alps
Easiest routeBarthlmahd path

The Hochstaufen is the easternmost mountain of the Chiemgau Alps, Germany. It is located in the north of Bad Reichenhall (Landkreis Berchtesgadener Land). The mountain belongs to the Staufen massif and is a popular destination for mountaineering.

In the 17th century there were some mines at the Hochstaufen, the best known gallery was the Doktor-Oswald-Gallery, located only 60 m underneath the summit.

At an altitude of 1,750 m is the Reichenhaller Haus, an alpine hut of the Deutscher Alpenverein (Section Bad Reichenhall).


  • Bad Reichenhall (Padinger Alm) – Barthlmahd – Reichenhaller Haus – Hochstaufen
  • Bad Reichenhall (Padinger Alm) – Buchmahd – "Steinerne Jaeger" – Reichenhaller Haus – Hochstaufen
  • Piding (Urwies or Mauthausen) – Mairalm – "Steinerne Jaeger" – Reichenhaller Haus – Hochstaufen
  • Piding (Urwies or Mauthausen) – Mairalm – Pidinger Klettersteig (fixed rope route) – Hochstaufen
  • Piding or Aufham-Anger – Steiner Alm – Hochstaufen
  • Passage from Zwiesel – Zennokopf – Mittelstaufen – Reichenhaller Haus – Hochstaufen
  • Passage from Zwieselalm – Barthlmahd – Reichenhaller Haus – Hochstaufen
  • Passage from Fuderheuberg – "Steinerne Jaeger" – Reichenhaller Haus – Hochstaufen

The fixed rope route Pidinger Klettersteig was created in 2003 and is one of the most challenging fixed rope routes in Germany.


After heavy rainfalls earthquakes occur at the Hochstaufen, so there are several seismometers of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich around the mountain.

In September 1993 the innkeeper couple of the Reichenhaller Haus was murdered in a brutal robbery.

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