Hockey Milano Rossoblu

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Milano Rossoblu
City Milan, Italy
League Serie A
Founded 2008
Home arena Stadio del Ghiaccio Agorà
(capacity: 4.000)
President Italy Ico Migliore
Head coach Canada Pat Curcio
Franchise history
Hockey Milano Rossoblu

Hockey Milano Rossoblu is an ice hockey team from Milan, Italy. It replaced Milano Vipers (league team 5 times Italian Champion) after that organization was disbanded in 2008.[1] It is currently playing in Serie A, the highest level of ice hockey competition in Italy.



After the disbandment of the Milano Vipers in 2008, former executives of the Vipers led by Ico Migliore and Tiziano Terragni, announced the foundation of a new team, Hockey Milano Rossoblu.

In the first season in Serie A2, the bench was given to Adolf Insam, former coach of HCJ Milano Vipers, who left the place after a season in Murajca Pajic, his former deputy, to become technical coordinator.

On 28 April 2010, the team announced that it has reached an agreement with Massimo Da Rin as new head coach for Hockey Milano for the 2010–11 season of Serie A2.

On 7 April 2012 Milano won the Serie A2 championship and was promoted to Serie A for the next season.

Partnership with the KHL[edit]

In 2011, Milano Rossoblu announced a partnership with the Kontinental Hockey League. According to a three-year plan, the aim for the 2011–12 season was to earn promotion to the Italian Serie A, which succeeded, while building up a team that would be able to play at KHL level. From the 2013–14 season on, one team was expected to join the KHL, while the other team would keep playing in Serie A (Elite.A).[2] But the move was delayed due to a small arena, tight finances and the club being too underdeveloped. It is now unclear if and when the team will join KHL.


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