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Hoepli logo.png
Founded 1870
Founder Ulrico Hoepli
Country of origin Italy
Headquarters location Milan
Publication types Books
Official website www.hoepli.it

Casa Editrice Hoepli is an Italian publishing house based in Milan which was founded in 1870 when Ulrico Hoepli, a Swiss bookseller born 23 years earlier in the small village of Tuttwil (Canton Thurgau), took over a bookshop in the Galleria De Cristoforis in the centre of the city. The first book to be published was a French grammar which came out in 1871. The company, which remains with the Hoepli family, has specialized in technical and scientific publications, together with dictionaries and instructional works.


‘Chi Siamo’ and ‘Cronologia Hoepliana’ from the official site of the Casa Editrice Libraria Ulrico Hoepli.

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Hoepli Editore.it, official site.